Medellin: From violence to innovation

Do you remember when Medellin was the most violent city in the world? In 1991, Medellin registered almost 7000 homicides, deaths related to the fight between the two drug cartels, paramilitary groups and the Colombian State. Almost 30 years after this period of violence and terrorism, Medellin has been reducing the number of homicides by more than 95%, but how did the city achieve this? Join our tour Comuna 13 & Downtown: From violence to innovation to find out.

I’m Sebastian, CEO of Colombian Ambassadors, we are a great team made up by two brothers, we are Sebastian and Julian, we were born and raised in Medellin and we have been fortunate to experience first hand the fascinating transformation of our city and go through all it’s neighborhoods, that until a few years ago it was impossible to access.

Botero bird sculpture destroyed by a bomb on a terrorist attack in 1995 at San Antonio Square sided with a new bird statue

It’s incredible to see how Medellin went from being the most violent city in the world in 1991, to being today one of the reference cities in terms of urban planning and social innovation worldwide

How is our experience?

We are experts in architecture and urban planning to explain the fascinating transformation that Medellin has had, we have lived all our lives in the city and we are focused on providing a unique immersion from a local perspective to all our visitors.

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Medellin: From violence to innovation

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