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Born and raised in Medellin in 1992, he went to school and university in the city, graduating as an architect and urban planner in 2015. He started working in different architecture studios, when in 2018 he decided to start offering tours on weekends as a part-time job to show the amazing transformation of his hometown. Three months later, he decided to quit his job at the architecture studio to found Colombian Ambassadors, the rest is history…

Since 2018, more than 5000 people went on his tours, carefully designed to showcase the city, the locals, the culture, the food, as he continues with his purpose to expose all the wonderful things about his country and turning every guest into a Colombian Ambassador.

He loves music, sports, nature and traveling.


Born and raised in Medellin in 2000, is Sebastian’s brother. He went to school and is still studying to become a commercial pilot. Since he was really young, he started visiting with Sebastian the most isolated areas of Medellin, this made him realize how important the transformation of his hometown was and he thought that the history should be told by someone else…

So, he joined the team in 2019 and has been leading different tours becoming a pro on his subject.

He loves video games, airplanes, geography and traveling.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

Discover the fascinating urban and social transformation of Medellin, learn from the culture and become a Colombian Ambassador!

Dare to explore with us!

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the city; live, walk, smell and taste the culture of Medellin and it’s surroundings while sharing your time with a local

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